Welcome to the official on-line store for the International Blessed Broodmare Project! Here you will find many unique and wonderful things available only at our store. Artists and craftsmen from all over the world have graciously donated their artwork and creations to the betterment of horses everywhere. The proceeds from the sales of these items go to help buy feed , supplies and even lower adoption fees on horses stranded in desperate situations. Please help us support the rescues who work so hard to care for these dis-placed horses. It is only by people like yourself that rescues are able to survive. We are not a non-profit organization yet, but are working on it. The rescues we support ARE, though so if you need a receipt for tax purposes, please let me know. If you are looking to buy a gift, please consider buying something here first as it will help a needy horse. Many, many heartfelt thanks to the folks who have contributed to this store. You will find links to their websites to see other items they create. Supporting these artists helps them help us! We hope you find something you can't live with out!
We accept checks, M.O. and Paypal. Please use our e-mail addy for the paypal ID
( tibbp@tcsn.net ) Thanking you in advance!
Deb Buckler, Founder, The International Blessed broodmare Project

Santa Maria and Sendai, ASB mare
and foal.

Tiny mini Draft baby, "First Draft"

New! Exclusive resin horse for TIBBP!

New mini benefit horses for TIBBP

The Official International Blessed Broodmare Plaque!
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"Cognac", new baby horse!

 Buster, Exclusive resin cast horse by Yvonne Davey.
Sophie, Feral mare by Yvonne Stevens, $100.

Mini Crusher by Kitty Cantrell

Belgian stallion "Sargeant" by Janet Edington, $125

Gaucho~Criolo Stallion by Yvonne Davey

Yummi $100