Sergei~ Light Dapple Grey by Jeannine DeCuir.

One of the things I love to do most is debut fine artists work on our horses here on our site. Bringing you a masterpiece from artist Jeannine DeCuir was especially exciting! Jeannine has given our Sergei a soft and subtle dapple grey coat like none other that we've seen. This artist as not only prepped and primed this model perfectly, but she has also detailed him out by hand. You can barely see the super fine light grey hairs that she has brushed into his mane that add realism and depth. This is a beautiful and clean piece, certainly only the first of many more horses you'll see here by Jeannine DeCuir.


Sergei always looks sharp in this racing tack, but the contrast in colors on this dapple grey by Jeannine DeCuir is really striking! He could show either as a Thoroughbred or even an Anglo Arab hunter-jumper. Lovely horse.

When this misty dapple grey Sergei by Jeannine DeCuir arrived here, I knew he was a special horse. I couldn't wait to get some shots of him on an early misty, foggy morning. And wow, what beautiful pictures! Look how the flash from the camera reflected off those tiny grey hairs in his mane and made it look like his mane was wet from the fog! Jeannine, you really did a great job on this horse. He's a beauty!