Rembrandt~  Brabant Bay by Rayvin Brewer


Hold onto your hats, folks! This is one of the most beautiful Rembrandts you will ever see! Truly, I might change my mind on this one. This horse was painted by Rayvin Brewer in Canada. We don't get many of Rayvin's horses here and when we do, I usually keep them!  This beautiful horse is so special, he needs to be in a show home. Rayvin has blended acrylics and pastells to create this horses flawless  coat, and he is positvely stunning.  Very realistic coat pattern that the judges won't miss. We can not thank Rayvin enough for creating this amazing horse. $400. plus shipping
I have so many odds and ends of various costumes,  sometimes it's hard to remember what strap went with what saddle!  I don't think this set fits our Brabant very well, but you can see how impressive he'd be in a great renissance costume!