......Beautiful, authentic resin copies of an artists sculpture doesn't just happen. It takes long hours of dedication and hard work.
      Our mold-making technique allows us to capture every detail the artist makes, from a tiny vein, to even an accidental thumb-print! We use the highest quality resin available and can place stainless-steel rods in fragile legs for support. Stainless-steel wire is also meticulously bent and placed in delicate flying manes and tails.. This takes time, precision, and skill. So please try to be patient! Each horse is individually and lovingly hand-made.
      As an artist, you want your beautiful resin-cast piece to last long enough to become a beloved family heirloom. Happy customers make return customers, and an artist is judged on the quality of their work. Mold and casting prices vary depending on the size and complexity of the piece and whether or not stainless
steel rods are needed for support. We guarantee at least 50 castings from each mold, but usually more are possible.
      Many artists choose to have 2 or more molds made of their piece if it is especially popular, and there is a discount if the molds are made at the same time. Please E-Mail us at
gotrandy@charter.net or gotrandy@tcsn.net with an accurate description of your piece for a price estimate. We offer solid or hollow roto-cast options as well. Credit cards accepted through PayPal for mold and casting service.
      On a special note, our mold-making techniques are confidential, and any mold made in our studio remains the property of Resins by Randy and never leaves the premises. The mold is used only by the direction of the artist, and is destroyed at their request or when it's life-span has run out.

Here are some hints to help you become successful in the resin model horse market:

If you remake a mass-produced plastic horse from a popular molding company like Breyer or Stone, make sure that you remove anything that would identify your finished sculpture with the original plastic horse. Even an unchanged ear can be quickly spotted by devoted model horse collectors, and this lowers the authenticity of your piece.
When you think you're ready to have your piece cast, have it critiqued by several successful model horse artists that you can trust, and be open to what they say. Sometimes they can help you catch something you missed!
Take your sculpture to some model horse shows or photograph him and advertise him to see how much interest there is in him. Try to collect as many orders as possible to help cover casting costs ahead of time. Many lovely horses have arrived here completely sold out before they were even cast!
Some times we accept models into our own line. This is a great way for the artist to leave all the work to us and spend their time doing what THEY love-sculpting- and not having to deal with shipping and marketing.
We recommend your piece be sculpted in a material that can be safely shipped, like gapoxio, or epoxy. As careful as we are, sometimes a sculpture gets damaged during the mold-making process, so the stronger it is, the better. Also, the smoother and finer your piece is, the smoother and finer your resin cast will be.
Good Luck!.......
A special welcome
to all of you bronze artists! Welcome to the wonderful world of resin and model horse collecting and showing! We hope you find this adventure prosperous and fun!

Say, that's a beautiful horse you're having cast!
Got Randy?