Ikantu~ Quarter Horse Gelding by Lisa Shepherd and Rebecca Turner.

The beautiful pinto you see here was painted by Sherry Clayton.

At last!  We have a lovely Quarter Horse to add to our line!  Meet "Ikantu", a colaborative effort from artists Lisa Shepherd and Rebecca Turner. This is a nice, correct and versitile gelding posed in a relaxed lope. He is a sensitive and intelligent horse, one ear flicked back waiting for the riders next command. Iknatu is a traditional sized horse, solid cast with our usual steel re-inforcements in the legs and tails and a smooth as ivory finish. He is casting and shipping now, too! This horse will excell in Western and English events and we can't wait to see him painted.
 Only $185. for unpainted, plus shipping.
A lovely red chestnut pinto painted by one of the co-artists herself, Lisa Shepherd! Excellent painting, Lisa!
Talk about flashy and versatile! Sherry Clayton really know how to catch the judges eye with her amazing work.