Bandero! A Star is Born! 


On May 16th, 2008,  A tiny black baby horse was born. The heavens opened up and dropped a star into our pasture. Bandero was born to our lovely princess, Cinderella, a purebred Percheron. In the upper left hand corner, you'll see Bandero's grandfather on his mother's side, a registered Percheron stallion named Husted Lance. Next to him is his maternal grandmother, "Little Blue Skye", another purebred Percheron. On the lower left hand corner, is the now deceased Equistone, Banderos registered Thoroughbred father. And of course, next to him, his lovely mother-princess, Cinderella.  All of these horses were part of a PMU farm in Canada.I have no pictures of Equistones sire or dam, but there's an awful lot of grey in Banderos back ground! Do you suppose he'll be a dapple grey?
The weeks before Bandero's birth were filled with restless nights while we woke up and checked on Cinderella throughout the night. But on the evening of May 16th, Randy just had a 'feeling' the baby would arrive that night. Sure enough, at around 11:15 that night, Cinders gave birth to a lovely black colt. Randy was able to assist in the birthing, which went perfectly smoothly. For only being 3 years old, and basically a baby herself, Cinders did everything with the confidence of a seasoned broodmare. She took care of her business without any help from us but did allow us to stand by and watch. What a miracle. And we got exactly what we wanted....a black stud colt!
For as thankful as we were to have a healthy foal, we were just as thankful that Cinders, who was bred when she was only two years old, was a sensible and attentive mother. She was protective and nurturing and a firm disciplinarian over her new baby. And what a chore that turned out to be! The minute Bandero could find his feet, he began to race up and down the hill like a giant skittering black spider, with his poor mother lumbering after him as fast but as carefully as she could, without stepping on him. She really got a work out!
When Bandero got a little bigger, we turned him and his mother out in the arena so he could really stretch out. Oh my goodness! That boy can trot! He is breath taking to watch and several folks who know good horses have actually offered to buy him already! Click "Here" to watch a short video of this amazingly talented colt.
Bandero seemed to know early on that Randy was his special human. He looks at Randy so adoringly, it just melts Randy's heart, so he spent alot of time just hanging out with him. Cinders is patient and calm, and she loves water, so Bandero's first bath was a fun experience. He's 4 and 5 months old in these pictures and he's shedding in patches. I am sure he'll be grey!  We've been picking up his hooves and handling him everyday since birth, so he's very accepting. He's a good boy. Cinders doesn't tolorate any nonsence out of him so he really minds his manners. She's really making our work alot easier...Thanks, Cinders!
We weaned Bandero when he was 7 months old. It was time....Cinders was getting pretty tired of motherhood.  So my sister Terrie came up and helped us walk Bandero down to her Quarter Horse ranch where he would spend 1 month being a 'real horse'. He was within walking distance so we continued to play with him every day. We had access to Terries big arena and all the noise and excitement of a real working ranch, so it was a great experience for Bandero. He took it all in stride. He is so trusting and curious, he can't imagine that anything would ever mean him harm. It was great letting him do his floating animated trot around their arena...all the Quarter Horse folk would stop what they were doing and ask 'what kind of horse is that'?! They knew he wasn't a Quarter Horse!
Silly little grey horse.....who are you? What does the future hold for you?  Like most PMU adopters, I'm like a Jewish mother in that we all think our colts will be the Messiah! Banderos breeding, 1/2 Thoroughbred, 1/2 Percheron, allows him the possibility of being registered as an American Sport horse and maybe ascend to a great Dressage or 3-day event horse. Who knows? But he is Randy's horse, and Randy just wants to ride him and adore him.....what better life. We had Bandero gelded at 10 months old, and that's when he and Randy really got close. Randy spent every moment tending to his colt and working with him. Now Bandero lounges easily in both directions, stops and changes directions on command. He lopes tirelessly and we're working on changing leads by telling him "lead....lead..." and giving a slight tug on the line until he picks up the correct lead. He's getting grey-er by the minute! And bigger, too! Today, he's 11 months old and stands 14.2 hands. He is quiet and cooperative, just like his mom!

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